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Bible Institute

Georgetown Baptist Bible Institute is a ministry of the Georgetown Baptist Church in Leicester, NC. This ministry was born in the heart of Pastor Lee Davis who has served the church since 1992. Pastor Davis has a burden for men to be able to get their degree without leaving their Pastor or the work they are currently doing in the local church.

You may earn:

    1 – A Bachelor of Theology Degree in three years of study.
    2 – A Master of Theology Degree in five years of study.
    3 – A Doctor of Theology Degree in eight years of study.

Our school year begins on the first week of September and ends on the last week of May each year. We have six classes weekly and each class last thirty minutes. To complete your course of study you will be investing three hours per week for thirty eight weeks per year. Any preacher who enrolls in GBBI may allow his wife to get her degree at no cost. Our Teachers are Pastor Davis, Pastor Scott Dotson, Pastor Andy Wells and Pastor Brian Treadway.


    Year 1 – The King James Bible, Romans, Hermeneutics, John #1, Basic Bible Doctrine, O.T. Survey.
    Year 2 – Genesis #1, 1 Corinthians, Homiletics, John #2, N.T. Survey, Daniel.
    Year 3 – Genesis #2, Acts #1, Pastoral Epistles, Pastoral Responsibility, Galatians, Revelation.
    Year 4 – Genesis #3, Acts #2, Prayer, Ephesians, Advanced Bible Doctrine, James.
    Year 5 – Character Studies #1, Hebrews, Baptist History #1, Leadership/The Tabernacle, Matthew #1, 1st and 2nd Samuel.
    Year 6 – The Jew, Song Of Solomon, Priest Garments/Baptist History #2, Problem Text, Matthew #2 (Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther).
    Year 7 – Character Studies #2, 2 Corinthians, Leviticus #1, Isaiah #1, Job, Dispensational Truth.
    Year 8 – Character Studies #3, 1&2 Thessalonians, Leviticus #2, Isaiah #2, O.T. Prophets, Kingdom Of The Cults.

* Some English Paces are required during course of study.
* Each student receiving a Doctorate will be required to prepare a Book for print.

What we expect:

    1) A clear written testimony of salvation.
    2) A member of a Bible believing Baptist church with a recommendation from your Pastor.
    3) You will be required to be faithful to the classes with any absences approved ahead of time unless you are sick.
    4) Your payment must be made on each month between the 1st and the 10th or a late fee of $10.00 will be added.
    5) You will be expected to exhibit the highest degree of biblical Christian character at all times.
    6) You must be enrolled and involved in classes no later than the first Monday in October of each school year.

Materials needed:

    1) King James Bible
    2) small notebook for each class
    3) pencils and pens

There is a $75.00 registration fee for each year. Classes taken on the Internet cost $75.00 each month. We offer DVD classes at a cost of $100.00 each month.

Send your check or money order to:

    Pastor Lee Davis
    249 Roberts Road
    Asheville, NC 28806

Please make your check or money order payable to GBBI.

If you are interested in the classes, please complete and submit the GBBI Registration Form here.

Because of the Blood,
Pastor Lee Davis
1 Peter 5:7

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